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Equality Illinois CEO Writes: Ban Conversion Therapy Nationally

Conversion Therapy Ban | August 17, 2016

Advocate columnIn a column in the online edition of The Advocate magazine, Equality Illinois CEO Brian C. Johnson argues for a national ban on dangerous and ineffective conversion therapy practiced against LGBT‬ youth.

Johnson wrote in response to the lawsuit filed by a group of pastors against the new Illinois law passed and signed with bipartisan support last year.

As noted, the law does not prohibit faith leaders from preaching their beliefs; it does prevent state-licensed mental health professionals from offering treatments debunked by science, unsupported by the mental health professional community and usually harmful to the individual and the family.


Equality Illinois Condemns Attempt to Undermine Ban on Conversion Therapy

Breaking News in Illinois Conversion Therapy Ban | August 11, 2016

CONVERSION THERAPY LAWSUITEquality Illinois condemns the lawsuit filed by a small handful of pastors against Illinois’ law protecting LGBT youth from harmful conversion therapy.

The Youth Mental Health Protection Act is based on scientific consensus. The law protects patients from harmful, coercive, and fraudulent treatments that attempt to change the unchangeable.

Faith leaders remain free to say what they want from the pulpit, regardless of how misguided it may be.


Atty. Gen. Madigan Joins Brief Supporting Transgender Illinoisans

Transgender | July 27, 2016

lisa madigan-1Illinois Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan today joined 12 other attorneys general throughout the U.S. in support of the Obama Administration’s policies that advance the equal treatment and protection of ‪‎transgender‬ Americans in workplaces and schools, a move applauded by Equality Illinois.

“Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is standing firm for the equal rights of transgender Illinoisans, especially students. In signing this bold brief in support of the Obama Administration’s trans-inclusive policies, Attorney General Madigan’s position is rooted in the best traditions of the Land of Lincoln,” said Brian C. Johnson, CEO of Equality Illinois.


40 Law Firms Recognized for ‘Raising the Bar’

Raising the Bar Program | July 25, 2016

Raising the Bar 2016Forty Illinois law firms that lead the way in providing a welcoming and fair work environment for LGBT employees and engaging with the LGBT community are being recognized by Equality Illinois for “Raising the Bar” in 2016.

In a growing and welcoming trend that helps spread fair and equal treatment, the annual Equality Illinois Law Firm Survey found that not only are the law firms creating affirming work spaces for their own employees, but they are increasingly demanding that the same respect be demonstrated by the vendors and contractors with whom they work.

“Law firms–as institutions that make the practice of law their business–play a particularly salient role in advancing LGBT equality. When law firms not only fight for equality and inclusiveness, but mirror the world they hope to see within their own offices, they send a powerful message about the importance of fully embracing all coworkers and staff equally,” said Brian C. Johnson, CEO of Equality Illinois.