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ACT NOW: Tell the Illinois House to pass the LGBTQ Inclusive History Bill

Education Take Action | May 17, 2018

CALL TO ACTION: The LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum Bill is now headed to the House floor after being voted out of committee 11-6 Thursday morning. There are only two weeks from today to get it to the governor’s desk before the scheduled May 31 adjournment, and there is vocal opposition.

Do not delay! Contact your House member TODAY to ask for a YES vote on SB 3249.

The right-wing opponents testified against the bill in committee, raising the usual canards, saying it would require “indocrination against their religious beliefs.” But supporters of the measure said that learning that individuals already being studied may have been LGBTQ is factual and may lead to a deeper understanding of their contributions, benefiting all students but most significantly children struggling with their identity.

The LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum Bill is an initiative of Equality Illinois, the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, and The Legacy Project and is sponsored by state Senator Heather Steans of Chicago and State Representative Anna Moeller of Elgin.

Tell Illinois House: Ratify ERA

Breaking News in Illinois Take Action | May 16, 2018

Take Action Today: The Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, guaranteeing all people equal treatment under the law regardless of their sex, is now in the Illinois House, with a vote on ratification hopefully taken before the May 31 adjournment.

Act now to tell your state representative to vote YES.

In a committee hearing Wednesday morning, the amendment passed on a party line vote of seven Democrats voting “yes” and five Republicans voting “no.” Opponents continue to deploy specious arguments such as that that it would mandate co-ed prisons and bathrooms.

The right wing is working overtime to try to stop ERA from being added to the Constitution. You must tell the Illinois House it can no longer delay ratifying ERA.

Equality Illinois Invites Amazon Workers to Pride Brunch

Benefits Equality Illinois Equality Illinois Event | May 3, 2018

Echoing the national NO GAY? NO WAY! campaign, Equality Illinois is issuing a special invitation for the Equality Illinois Pride Kickoff Brunch to the employees of Amazon to encourage the world’s largest online retailer to locate its new HQ2 in a state such as Illinois that protects the civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people.

“Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos have been strong, consistent supporters and advocates of LGBTQ rights, which has been recognized by being a recipient of the HRC National Equality Award. That mission can be further enhanced by locating its second headquarters, known as HQ2, and its 50,000 new jobs, in pro-equality states such as Illinois,” said Brian C. Johnson, CEO of Equality Illinois.

The Pride Kickoff Brunch on Sunday, June 3 in Chicago annually launches Pride Month by celebrating the public officials and advocates who have helped make Illinois a state where LGBTQ people enjoy rights such as anti-discrimination protections enacted in 2005 and where we continue to work together to build a stronger Illinois.


Illinois Senate Passes LGBTQ Curriculum Bill

Breaking News in Illinois | May 2, 2018

Breaking News: On a bipartisan 34-18 roll call, the Illinois Senate passed the Inclusive Curriculum Bill on Wednesday, sending the measure calling for the inclusion of historical events and contributions by LGBTQ people to the state House.

Now that it has passed the Senate, it is important to tell you state representative to vote for SB 3249, which will have a positive effect on LGBTQ students’ self-image and make their peers more accepting. Click HERE to send a message.

Sponsored by state Sen. Heather Steans of Chicago, the bill is an initiative of Equality Illinois, the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, and The Legacy Project and is supported by the Illinois State Board of Education and a broad coalition of statewide and local educational, civil rights, health, and civic organizations. The House sponsor is state Rep. Anna Moeller of Elgin.