Community Partners

LGBTQ Connections in Illinois
illinois-hiBy teaming up with community partners, Equality Illinois is able to more comprehensively serve LGBTQ Illinoisans in those parts of the state where stronger connections to policy, education, advocacy and support services are needed to ensure full equality.

In an environment where marriage equality is secured for same-sex couples, our work to obtain full lived equality is not done. These local partnerships demonstrate our commitment to ensuring all LGBTQ Illinoisans can enjoy lived equality at home, at work, at school, and everywhere else in their communities.
Phoenix Center for webEquality Illinois’ first strategic community partner is the Phoenix Center, Springfield’s LGBTQ community center.

Founded in 2001, the Phoenix Center provides a range of services, including transitional housing for homeless men and women who are HIV positive; free testing for sexually transmitted infections; outreach services for the most vulnerable members of the community; educational programming; and a support group for LGBTQ youth. As a community partner, the Phoenix Center will advise Equality Illinois on priorities and needs in the area and coordinate on outreach, educational, and other programming.