Equality Illinois Supports Protecting Women’s Reproductive Freedom

Equality Illinois Endorses Illinois HB 40
to Protect Women’s Reproductive Freedom

Statement by Brian C. Johnson
CEO, Equality Illinois

February 14, 2017

With the rights of women already under attack by the Trump Administration, we at Equality Illinois stand firmly in support of protecting reproductive freedom for women in Illinois.  We believe all Illinoisans should be free to make the most fundamental decisions about their body and their most intimate relationships free from government overreach.

That’s why Equality Illinois supports House Bill 40 in the Illinois General Assembly. The bill will preserve reproductive choice for Illinois women and ensure reproductive health care is available to the ​many women who access care through Medicaid and state employee health insurance plans.

This struggle is about fairness and protecting the private medical decisions of women. We urge the Illinois General Assembly to pass the bill and Governor Rauner to sign it. Just as Illinois has advanced fairness for LGBTQ people, it must​ continue to do the same for women.

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