The 2019 Equality Illinois Legislative Agenda is lead by HB 246 the Inclusive Curriculum Bill, an initiative of Equality Illinois, Illinois Safe School Alliance, and the Legacy project. The bill would ensure the inclusion of significant historical events and contributions by LGBTQ+ people in the US history curriculum taught in Illinois public schools. The initiative passed the IL House 60-42 in March.
HB 246 Fact Sheet.
General assembly page HB 246
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Other measures backed by Equality Illinois during the current legislative session include:

SB 1319 and HB 2314 are bills to "Advance Equity for LGBTQ+ Elders" and would highlight LGBTQ+ older adults and people living with HIV as target populations for Older Americans Act programming.
SB 1319 and HB 2314 fact sheet
General assembly page SB 1319 and HB2314

SB 1378 would include LGBTQ+ people in the state's jury service non-discrimination protections. SB 1378 passed the Senate 54-00 in March.
SB 1378 fact sheet
General assembly page SB 1378

SB 556 and HB 3589 would designate as gender neutral those single-occupancy restrooms in places of public accommodations and in public buildings.
SB 556 fact sheet
General assembly page SB 556 and HB 3589

Equality Illinois CEO Brian C. Johnson (left) and Director of Public Policy Mike Ziri (right) chat about the 2019 legislative agenda in Springfield, IL with Illinois State Rep. Celina Villanueva (IL-21st)



Below are measures that are not Equality Illinois bills, but we support them.
HR 86 - Condemns the Trump Administration's anti-LGBTQ+ policies
General assembly page HR 86

•  HB 252 - Strengthens Illinois Humans Rights Act's workforce non-discrimination provision.
General assembly page
HB 252

HB 2467 and SB 1594 - Repeal of the Parental Notice of Abortion Act.
General assembly page HB 2467 and SB 1594

•  HB 2495 and SB 1942 - Reproductive Healthcare Act.
General Assembly page HB 2495 and SB 1942

• HB 182 - Isolated Confinement Restriction Act.
General Assembly page HB 182

• HB 2101, HB 2547, and SB 1485 - Racial Impact Note Act.
General Assembly page HB 2101, HB 2547, and SB 1485

•  HB 2691 - Retaining Illinois Students and Equity (RISE) Act.
General Assembly page HB 2691

•  HB 2665 - Allows minors to consent to preventive care for sexually transmitted diseases.
  General Assembly page HB 2665

• HB 3534 - Requires the Illinois Secretary of State to provide a non-binary option for gender designations on state ID cards and driver's licenses when SOS procures a new digital driver's license and identification card issuance and facial recognition system.
General Assembly page HB 3534

•  HB 3711 - Requires baby changing stations in most public restrooms.
General Assembly page HB 3711

•  SB 1 - Raises the Illinois minimum wage.
General Assembly page SB 1

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