August 4, 2021

Equality Illinois urges McHenry County Board to reject proposed policy that would prohibit the Pride flag from being flown on county property

Statement from Mike Ziri, Director of Public Policy at Equality Illinois, the state’s civil rights organization for LGBTQ people:

“Equality Illinois is in solidarity with LGBTQ and allied elected officials and community activists in McHenry County who are organizing against the proposed county board policy that would prohibit the LGBTQ Pride flag from being flown on county flagpoles each Pride Month. We urge the McHenry County Board to reject this un-American policy.

“LGBTQ people live everywhere in Illinois – in every village, city, and county – from Woodstock to Cairo, Quincy to Danville. Flying the Pride flag sends the unmistakable message to LGBTQ constituents that the community and elected officials see, welcome, and affirm them. This is especially crucial for LGBTQ youth, who experience higher rates of substance abuse, bullying, and suicide attempts because of social stigmatization and rejection. Flying the Pride flag can save lives.

“We know the Pride flag is truly grounded in the very best patriotic values of America: inclusion, equality, fairness, and the freedom to build our best lives without burden or discrimination. Local governments like McHenry County should promote and defend our shared American values and not cede any ground to hate and prejudice.”

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