2021 Veto Session

- Call To Action

Despite all of our progress with LGBTQ equality, Illinois’ name change law is one of the most restrictive in the United States and harms vulnerable communities. HB 2542 has a simple premise, the same standard should apply to ALL name changes. HB 2542 allows judges to decide about allowing a name change for a person with a felony conviction. This is how all other name changes in Illinois occur. There shouldn’t be a harsh statutory prohibition for some people.

Tell your state senator to support House Bill 2542 to disrupt barriers for trans and gender expansive folks.

LGBTQ people are disproportionately impacted by the prison system. According to the Movement Advancement Project, 7.9% of adults in prisons are LGBT, and 20% of youth in juvenile detention facilities are LGBT. Put differently, LGBT adults and youth are twice as likely to be incarcerated as non-LGBT adults and youth. When incarcerated, LGBTQ people – all people in prisons, in fact– are denied the right to vote.

Tell your state legislators to vote YES for the Voting in Prisons Bill. Advanced by Chicago Votes, this bill would restore voting rights to people incarcerated in Illinois prisons.

Autonomy over our own bodies is a fundamental right. Yet, the state’s current law requires that when a young person decides to get an abortion, their health care provider must notify an adult family member. Without this family consent, a young person must go before a judge to gain approval for an abortion. In this way, the current law denies dignity and respect to any young person who may get pregnant, including trans and non-binary youth. Furthermore, by forcing a young person to seek family approval, that young person’s personal safety could be placed in severe danger at the hands of unsupportive family members. This is especially true for queer youth.

No law can legislate healthy family communication.  Instead of trusting youth to make their own health care decisions, the law forces them into a system that could result in delays for them obtaining the medical care that they need.

It’s time to repeal PNA. Take action TODAY and tell your state representative to support the repeal of PNA.