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The Statewide Network is the primary tool we use to organize and build civic engagement power in communities across Illinois that is both consistent and responsive.  By consistent, we mean that no matter what is happening in the world around us, LGBTQ+ people are always growing and demonstrating their power.  By responsive, we mean that the LGBTQ+ community is acting in the moment to take advantage of unprecedented opportunities or fighting back against unforeseen attacks on our community.

While there are many ways to exercise civic power, the primary aim of the Statewide Network is to organize diverse LGBTQ+ community leaders throughout the state to build collective power and to educate and influence public leaders to promote positive decision making for the LGBTQ+ community.

Equality Illinois provides small grants, training, and capacity building support to LGBTQ+-led organizations engaged in the Statewide Network.





Southern IL
SWN Coalition

Day: 3rd Wednesday of the month

Time: 6:30pm

Serving the LGBTQIA+ community in Southern Illinois for 20+ years Rainbow Cafe provides non-judgmental support and access to personal, community, spiritual, and health resources to LGBTQIA+ people in Southern Illinois. Rainbow Cafe is a welcoming, affirming environment for LGBTQIA+ people and their friends and family. 

SWN Coalition

Day: 2nd Tuesday of the month

Time: 7pm

Prairie Pride Coalition, established in 1995, is the local LGBTQ+ community organization serving Bloomington, Normal, and the McLean County regions of central Illinois. We seek to establish a more just, inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment for LGBTQ+ people through education, awareness, community outreach, coalition building, and support of legislation that positively impacts our community.

SWN Coalition

Day: 3rd Thursday of the month

Time: 6:00pm

Peoria Proud is excited to be a Statewide Network partner for the 3rd year running.  Peoria members include allies and members of the LGTQ community here in Central Illinois, both individuals and organizations.  Participating organizations include The Affirming Faith Communities of Peoria, PFLAG Peoria Chapter, NAACP, DCFS, Acorn Equality Fund, Central Illinois FRIENDS, and the Peoria Transgender Society.

Chicago Westside
SWN Coalition

Day: 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Time: 5:30PM

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TaskForce is committed to addressing the HIV/STI-related needs of adolescents and young adults living in systemically disenfranchised communities with limited resources, by providing HIV/STI prevention education, testing, treatment, and care services. We are proud to serve 260 LGBTQ+ young people each month, including hundreds of LGBTQ+ youth each year.

SWN Coalition

Day: Every Third Thursday of the month

Time: 1PM

Established in 1998, Youth Outlook is the first and longest-running social service agency in Illinois solely dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ youth. We work in seven counties in northern Illinois, offering drop-in centers for youth, caregiver, and parent support, plus community education and professional development.

SWN Coalition

Day: TBA

Time: TBA

Founded in 1989, in the midst of the AIDS epidemic, ALMA is rooted in advocating for the fair treatment and equality of the Latinx LGBTQ+ community. Latinx and LGBTQ+ people, are not a monolith, but their histories, accomplishments, struggles, and humanity unities us all in the fight for an equitable and more just society. ALMA's mission is to fight for the rights of the Latinx Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and gender-expansive community by advocating for fairness and equality, and affirming Latinx LGBTQ culture.


Chicago Northside
SWN Coalition

Day: TBA

Time: TBA

Chicago Therapy Collective (CTC) promotes citywide action to alleviate LGBTQIA2S mental health disparities and advance queer liberation through healing, learning, and cultural change.

Champaign County
SWN Coalition

Day: 2nd Wednesday of Each Month

Time: 6:30PM

Uniting Pride of Champaign County was founded in 2009 as an organization to advocate for the equality, wellness, and visibility of the LGBTQIA2S+ communities in Champaign County. Since its inception, Uniting Pride has been consistently active in the community by providing support and social groups, community-building events, educational workshops, local advocacy, resource provision and referrals, hosting the annual Champaign-Urbana Pride Fest, and much more. Uniting Pride is committed to leading East Central Illinois in the creation of a community where all who hold historically and actively marginalized gender and sexual identities can live fulfilling, joyful, healthy, and vibrant lives.

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