EI 2019-2020 Annual Report

This past year challenged the LGBTQ community in ways we could never have imagined, but we are proud to have worked with you to help place Illinois at the cutting edge of LGBTQ full equality.

While there is much to celebrate, I hope you will take note that we:

This past year we:

    • Provided over $100,000 in direct cash grants to downstate LGBTQ Illinoisans suffering the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis;
    • Connected over 10,000 LGBTQ Illinoisans with COVID resources through our Virtual Town Halls and our COVID-19 Resource Hub;
    • Introduced legislation which would require the teaching of LGBTQ-affirming sex-ed in schools;
    • Launched Illinois’ first ever single-day Pride including dozens of communities across the state;
    • Partnered with community groups and the State of Illinois to make government issued identity documents more inclusive and accessible for Trans and Gender Non-conforming Illinoisans.


There has been a beacon of change in the fight for LGBTQ people in Illinois this past year. We need to stay the course until every LGBTQ person has equal rights! We hope you will continue to partner with us going forward to help transform our state into the fully equal and accepting place we believe it can be.


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