September 1, 2022


CHICAGO - Equality Illinois, the state’s civil rights organization for LGBTQ+ Illinoisans, Thursday announced endorsements of a record number of LGBTQ+ candidates running for the office in a general election in Illinois.

“We are excited to endorse fifteen out LGBTQ+ candidates, including three incumbent state legislators and twelve out LGBTQ+ candidates for local offices. As an organization that believes strongly in LGBTQ+ representation in roles of civic leadership, we are excited to see so many openly LGBTQ+ people from across Illinois pursuing public service,” said Justin DeJong, Board Chair of Equality Illinois, a 501(c)(4) organization. “Representation at tables of power matters when it comes to passing inclusive policies and for changing hearts and minds by sharing our stories. This is extremely important this year, when the opponents of equality and inclusion are advancing more than 300 anti-LGBTQ+ bills in state capitols across the country and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thomas has laid out the pathway to overturning pro-equality protections at the federal level. We are especially grateful for the leadership of our out LGBTQ+ incumbents in the General Assembly: State Sen. Mike Simmons, State Rep. Kelly Cassidy, and State Rep. Lamont Robinson.”

LGBTQ+ candidates endorsed by Equality Illinois are:

* denotes an incumbent

Illinois General Assembly

Senate District 7: State Sen. Mike Simmons *

House District 5: State Rep. Lamont J. Robinson *

House District 14: State Rep. Kelly Cassidy *

County Offices

Lake County Clerk: Anthony Vega

Cook County Board of Review (2nd District): Samantha Steele

Cook County Board (8th District): Anthony Joel Quezada

Cook County Board (9th District): Maggie Trevor

Cook County Board (15th District): Kevin B. Morrison *

Coles County Board: Matt Titus

DeKalb County Board (11th District): Shell DeYoung Dunn

McHenry County Board (9th District): Jessica Phillips

McLean County Board (6th District): Beverly Bell *

McLean County Board (7th District): Val Laymon *

Peoria County Board (10th District): Rob Reneau *

Saline County Board: Dennis Gauger

Equality Illinois will announce further endorsements after Labor Day.

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