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Equality Illinois is leading or co-leading with partners efforts to advance the following legislative initiatives during the 2023 session of the Illinois General Assembly:

Healthcare Cultural Competency (HB 2280 & SB 2427)

Sponsors: Rep. Avelar & Sen. Villivalam

Advanced by a coalition of community healthcare, civil rights, and labor groups, this initiative would require cultural competency training to be part of existing continuing medical education for healthcare professionals in Illinois. This will help healthcare providers meet the social and cultural needs of an evolving patient base and support better patient outcomes, particularly for those communities who have been most marginalized in healthcare settings.

Equitable Restrooms Act (HB 1286)

Sponsors: Rep. Stuart & Sen. Villanueva

Reduces red-tape that prevents businesses from serving their customers as they see fit and allows for the adoption of gender-neutral multiple-occupancy restrooms by businesses, universities, and building owners who wish to do so. Supported by businesses across the state, the bill is permissive and leaves decisions to adopt up to business and building owners as they determine how best to serve their communities and customers.

Supporting School Districts That Want to Implement the Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act (HB 3067 & SB 1428)

Sponsors: Rep. Lilly & Sen. Villivalam

Responsive to requests for resources from school superintendents and state legislators, the initiative appropriates $20 million through grants to support public school districts and community organizations that want to implement the 2021 law approved by the General Assembly for age-appropriate, medically-accurate, and inclusive personal health and safety education and sexual health education in public schools.

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