Anthony D’Amato

Anthony DAmatoAnthony D. D’Amato, an attorney, is the new chair of the board of Equality Illinois Institute, the educational arm of Equality Illinois that concentrates on community outreach, issue education, and building alliances.

D’Amato, a lifelong Chicagoan, is the Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of the Illinois Institute of Technology. He believes educating the public through the initiatives of the Equality Illinois Institute will continue to be essential to securing the legal rights for the LGBT community and to fostering understanding throughout society.

“The progress that the community has made in the last 20 years has been amazing,” D’Amato said. “As a young college student, the thought that I would be married to my partner was something that I never contemplated. I sincerely believe that our legal and political victories of the last number of years have, in large part, been made possible only because of the efforts that we all have made to educate our families, friends, co-workers, employers, religious leaders and government officials.”

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