Mitchell Locin

SAMSUNGMitchell Locin, a former White House correspondent and an editor at the Chicago Tribune, is the first Communications Liaison for Equality Illinois.

A Chicago native, Mitch worked for 34 years at the Tribune, where he was a political reporter and then an editor. He brings with him a wealth of experience covering politics on the local, state and national levels and then taking a career turn to helping the Tribune navigate through the evolving world of electronic media.

As a political writer, Mitch covered state government in Chicago and Springfield and numerous political campaigns, including presidential races. While based in Washington, he covered Congress and Illinois issues and then was named White House correspondent during the first years of the Clinton administration. Upon returning to Chicago, he was named Senior Electronic News Editor and led a team that helped shape the newspaper’s content for use on and WGN-TV, CLTV and WGN radio, which are all owned by Tribune Company.

Creating the position of Communications Liaison at Equality Illinois in 2012 signaled a strengthening of the organization’s commitment to reaching citizens throughout Illinois and sharing with them the challenges facing the expansion of LGBT civil rights, including protecting the newly-implemented civil union law, pursuing greater marriage equality, seeking fairness in family law, and creating safe school environments.

Mitch lives in Chicago with his partner Anh Tuan Hoang, a Chicago public school teacher.

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