2012 Press Releases


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President Obama Supports Action on Marriage Equality in Illinois
University of Illinois Study Points to Need for Marriage Equality throughout Illinois
Clergy and Faith Leaders Endorse Freedom to Marry
Letter from Clergy and Faith Leaders
Momentum for Marriage Equality Brings Together New Illinois Coalition
Equality Illinois Names New Board Members
Equality Illinois Ready for Marriage Equality Battle
Celebrity Chef Art Smith and Husband Jesus Salgueiro Co-Chair Equality Illinois Gala
Rights Battle Continues as Supreme Court Considers Marriage Equality
New Poll Shows Growing Marriage Equality Support in Illinois
Equality Illinois and PFLAG Hold Parents Day of Action for Marriage Equality
Equality Illinois Opens New Field Offices and Names Organizers
Equality Illinois Annual Report Shows Continued Growth and Expansion of Advocacy
Equality Illinois Applauds State Recognition of Surrogacy Rights of Same-Sex Parents
Election Victories Foretell Action on Marriage Equality in Illinois
The Bullies Won In East Aurora
Equality Illinois Urges School District to Stand Fast Against Hate Group
Groups That Employ Nazi and Racist Hate Speech Now Fight Anti-Bullying Programs
Equality Illinois’ Dining Out for Equality Celebrates New Legacy Walk, Coming Out Day
Equality Illinois Extends Reach with New Field Offices
Equality Illinois Rejects Cardinal George’s Narrow Vision on Marriage Equality
Equality Illinois Dismayed that Chick-fil-A Continues Homophobic Policies
Equality Illinois Praises Chicago Police Transgender Order
Celebrating Democratic Platform, Equality Illinois to Host State Delegation
Equality Illinois Criticizes GOP Platform; Will Meet Illinois Republicans at Convention
Illinois State Fairgoers Welcome LGBT Booth
LGBT Booth Premieres at Illinois State Fair
Equality Illinois Urges Marriage Equality Supporters to Contact Opposition
37 Illinois Law Firms Top Equality Illinois Survey
Equality Illinois Launches Campaign against Chick Fil-A Hate
LGBT Wedding Guide Answers Need, Creates Business
Children with LGBT Parents Denied Equal Protections
Two Equality Illinois Boards Headed by Two Impressive Women
Equality Illinois Partners with Chicago Fire Soccer Team
Equality Illinois Says Marriage Equality Would End Chaos Feared By Opponents
Equality Illinois Calls for Stronger Anti-Bullying Efforts After Devastating Federal Report
Equality Illinois Represents State at White House Briefing on LGBT Rights
Nearly 5,000 Civil Unions in First Year, Yet Still Unequal Status