Bruce Rauner – Bad for Marriage Equality

Statement by Equality Illinois Regarding the Bruce Rauner-Chris Christie Fundraiser

CHICAGO (July 25, 2014) – Statement read by Mitchell Locin, representing Equality Illinois, at a press conference in the Hilton Chicago

Good afternoon.

As the state’s oldest and largest civil rights organization advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Illinoisans, Equality Illinois believes Bruce Rauner is bad for marriage equality and bad for Illinois.

It’s only appropriate that Mr. Rauner is appearing today with a conservative governor, Chris Christie of New Jersey: because Bruce Rauner says he would have vetoed marriage equality if he were governor in Illinois and Chris Christie actually vetoed marriage equality as governor of New Jersey.

Mr. Rauner says he has no social agenda, but that is a social agenda: to threaten to veto the marriages that have already brought happiness to thousands and thousands of couples in Illinois, the marriages that have given them and their children the more than 11-hundred federal and 600 state rights, benefits, and protections that marriage provides.

Bruce Rauner may say that he has no social agenda, but Illinois voters know how to follow Bruce Rauner’s actions and his money. Bruce “no social agenda” Rauner chose a vehemently anti-LGBT running mate for lieutenant governor.

Bruce Rauner may say that he has no social agenda, but he and his wife have donated $148,400 to 15 anti-LGBT candidates in Illinois this year – politicians who voted against and oppose marriage equality.

And even those on the extreme right know that Bruce Rauner has a conservative social agenda: the anti-LGBT DeVos family – the family behind NOM, Family Research Council and Focus on the Family – donated $13,000 to the campaign of Bruce Rauner.

Bruce Rauner does have a social agenda, and it’s bad for marriage equality in Illinois.

Thank you.

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