May 25th, 2023

 Equality Illinois Applauds Passage of Cook County’s Bodily Autonomy Non-Discrimination Ordinance

On behalf of the LGBTQ+ residents of Cook County and the countless LGBTQ+ people who visit the county every year, Equality Illinois thanks Cook County Commissioner Kevin B. Morrison (15th District) for his leadership and applauds the Cook County Board for advancing and passing the Bodily Autonomy Non-Discrimination Ordinance on Thursday. The Ordinance prohibits discrimination in employment and housing based on an individual’s or their family member’s decisions regarding reproductive healthcare and gender-affirming healthcare. The legislation is File Number 23-2279.

Statement by Equality Illinois Director of Public Policy Mike Ziri:

“LGBTQ+ rights are rooted in the right to privacy, bodily autonomy, and the liberty to be ourselves and build our own families without discrimination and criminalization. That is what is fundamentally at stake here. The Bodily Autonomy Non-Discrimination Ordinance is key to ensuring Cook County remains welcoming and affirming for all residents and all visitors, including individuals who provide or seek reproductive healthcare and gender-affirming healthcare. We thank Commissioner Morrison and the Cook County Board for taking this important action today with the Bodily Autonomy Non-Discrimination Ordinance.”

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