“The Queen’s Speech”

Date(s) - March 9
7:30 pm
Loyola University Info Commons

Queen's Speech


In “The Queen’s Speech,” an aging drag queen gives a spellbinding final performance.

Rejected at birth by his father for his facial blemish, Sugar sought affirmation and purpose anywhere and everywhere, until she discovered her true calling in the glamorous world of drag. Now, lust, desire, and need intermingle with her pursuit of stardom. She offers a journey through times of abandonment, joy, and loss.
Playwright Terence Boyle gives us a sexy and contemporary adaptation of Cain and Abel, exploring a life constantly plagued by the need for approval. Sugar fights off feelings of melancholy in this final act as her memories threaten to submerge her in despair
Starring Kevin Bishop
Directed by Graham Emmons
Written by Terence Boyle
Admission to the show is FREE. For reservations, email VivariumTheatre@gmail.com
March 9th, 10th, 14th, 15th @ 7:30pm.

Donations made at the show will be donated to to EQUALITY ILLINOIS.
More information here.