Gender Neutral Designation on Illinois Birth Certificates

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Myles Brady Davis, Equality Illinois Director of Communications

July 14, 2020   


On International Non-Binary People’s Day, Advocates Celebrate Availability of Gender Neutral Marker on Illinois Birth Certificates

A person born in Illinois is able to correct the gender marker on their birth certificate to a gender neutral designation, according to LGBTQ advocates and the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Individuals who were born in Illinois may correct their gender marker to designations of M, F, or X. Illinois is one of several states that provide for inclusive gender marker options on birth certificates. Other states are California, Colorado, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington. New York City also allows individuals to designate a gender neutral marker on their birth certificates.

Myles Brady Davis, Director of Communications at Equality Illinois:
“Equality Illinois is excited trans and gender non-binary people are able to correct their birth certificates to reflect their authentic selves. We thank Gov. Pritzker, Dr. Ezike, and the Illinois Department of Public Health for their leadership. As national forces work to allow discrimination against trans and gender non-binary people, Illinois must keep moving forward. Allowing for inclusive designations on birth certificates is the right action to affirm the dignity of trans and gender non-binary Illinoisans.”

Josie Paul, Director of the TransLife Care Program at Chicago House and Social Service Agency:
“This is a wonderful new milestone for transgender and non-binary individuals born in the State of Illinois, recognizing that gender is not binary and allowing individuals to determine their gender as they best know themselves to be.“

Avi Rudnick, Co-Coordinator of the Name Change Mobilization and member of the Transformative Justice Law Project’s Board of Stewards:
“This is an important and historic step toward recognizing and affirming the identities of transgender and non-binary individuals in Illinois. It’s important to note that an “X” on a birth record is only the beginning, and that TJLP looks forward to a continued expansion of gender identities recognized by the State. It was only a few years ago that we were telling people that the only way to get a gender marker change on an Illinois birth certificate was to undergo extensive gender affirming procedures. We are hopeful and excited to witness the ongoing evolution and support of gender self-determination for residents of the State of Illinois and beyond!”

Kara Ingelhart, Staff Attorney at Lambda Legal:
“Lambda Legal applauds Illinois’ national leadership in protecting, recognizing, and respecting the humanity and dignity of transgender and gender non-conforming people. Accurate birth certificates that affirm and respect transgender and gender non-conforming people are incredibly important because they protect their privacy rights and protect them from discrimination, harassment, and even violence.”

Currently, to correct the gender marker on an Illinois birth certificate, an individual must submit to the Department two completed forms – the “Affidavit and Certificate of Correction Request” and the “Declaration of Gender Transition/Intersex Condition” – and the $15.00 fee. The “Affidavit and Certificate of Correction Request” must be completed by the individual and be notarized. The “Declaration of Gender Transition/Intersex Condition” must be completed by a licensed health care professional or licensed mental health professional. For individuals who are correcting their designation to the gender neutral option, they and their provider should mark “X” as the sex designation for the corrected birth certificate. Individuals can access the relevant forms online at

If you need assistance with filling out the forms to correct your gender marker, you can email the Transformative Justice Law Project at for support.

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