HB 1286


May 19th, 2023

Statement from AIDS Foundation Chicago, Equality Illinois, and Pride Action Tank regarding HB 1286 to allow gender-inclusive multi-occupancy restrooms:

We applaud the Illinois Senate for passing HB 1286 and urge the Illinois House to act expeditiously to send the bill to the governor. Simply, the bill reduces red tape and eliminates unnecessary regulations by allowing businesses to adopt gender-inclusive multi-occupancy restrooms, if they want. The bill is not a requirement. If a business chooses to do so, they must follow strong privacy and safety parameters established by the legislation. Thank you to our legislative champions State Sen. Celina Villanueva and State Rep. Katie Stuart.

This bill has been the subject of so much disinformation and violence, including threats of physical harm against Rep. Stuart earlier this year and transphobic violence advocated by a state senator during debate Thursday. This violent language is appalling and emblematic of what trans and gender-expansive people experience in their daily lives. According to the US Trans Survey in 2015, 58% of trans respondents in Illinois avoided using a public restroom because they were afraid of confrontations or other problems they might experience. The violent language like that used by the state senator gives license to transphobic actors to harm trans people. Enough is enough.

Illinois is a welcoming and affirming state. The Illinois House can forcefully act against such hate and violence by swiftly passing the common-sense and permissive HB 1286.

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