We Elect

PAC imageOne of the most important weapons we have to achieve full LGBTQ equality is the ballot box. Equality Illinois PAC, a non-partisan state political action committee affiliated with Equality Illinois, fights aggressively every election cycle to recruit, support, and elect candidates who will stand up for our rights in Springfield and beyond.

Equality Illinois PAC supports candidates for state, county, and local office who believe that every citizen has a basic right to equal treatment under the law regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The myriad issues facing the LGBTQ community can most effectively be addressed by identifying advocates and allies at all levels of government.

To that end, Equality Illinois PAC evaluates candidates for all state legislative seats, as well as many county and local posts, through comprehensive written questionnaires and personal interviews. Once the PAC Board has made endorsements, Equality Illinois PAC may provide financial assistance to endorsed candidates, regardless of party, who support issues and causes important to achieving full LGBTQ equality. Along with financial support, Equality Illinois PAC may also provide endorsed candidates with volunteers, mailings, position papers, fundraising support, and technical campaign support.

Find out more about the Equality Illinois PAC on its website.

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