Court Reinforcers Rauner's Wrong Marriage Stand

Equality Illinois PAC Press Release


Court “slams the door” on Rauner’s position

CHICAGO – The U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing marriage equality to move forward demonstrates that Bruce Rauner remains on the wrong side of history, the Equality Illinois Political Action Committee (Equality Illinois PAC) said Monday.

The court’s action not to hear appeals of rulings overturning marriage bans effectively upholds the decision of the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago on cases relating to Wisconsin and Indiana. The 7th Circuit also includes Illinois, so the Illinois law signed by Gov. Pat Quinn that established same-sex marriages in the state would also be protected.

“Bruce Rauner, Gov. Quinn’s Republican challenger, says he would have vetoed the state marriage law if he was governor when it passed, and he says he would leave the door open to repealing it, though it appears the Supreme Court today slammed that door in his face,” said Nicole Bashor, chair of Equality Illinois PAC, the political arm of Equality Illinois, the state’s oldest and largest advocacy organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Illinoisans.

“So we know where he’s coming from, but where is he going?” Bashor asked. “Will Rauner support broad discrimination in public accommodations against gay and lesbian couples who want to marry, as some marriage opponents propose? Why hasn’t he pledged an open-door policy and appointments of LGBT officials in his administration? Why has he not pledged to aggressively support the hate crimes and anti-bullying laws?”

Bashor noted that other political leaders from both parties have recognized the swiftly growing support in Illinois and nationally in favor of guaranteeing LGBT Americans equal treatment under the law without fear of political repercussions. “Bruce Rauner has failed to enunciate any vision of a fair and just Illinois,” Bashor said. “The Supreme Court decision is just another example that the tide of history is leaving him in the dust.”

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