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Health Care Cultural Competency (HB 4654)
Sponsors: Rep. Dagmara Avelar and Sen. Ram Villivalam

This initiative would establish cultural competency requirements as part of continuing medical education for a range of health care professionals. Based on available data as well as anecdotal stories, we know there is a real need for health care cultural competency in order to improve patient experiences and outcomes. We also believe this type of education would best equip providers to affirmingly serve their patients, including patients from communities that have historically been excluded from affirming treatment and care. The legislation is the initiative of a working group of organizations that advocate for and support and affirm LGBTQ people, people living with HIV, people with disabilities, and communities of color

2022 Advocacy day - action graphics -HB 2542

Name Change Modernization (HB 2542)
This bill would bring our state’s overly restrictive name change law in line with the majority of other states and help transgender and gender-expansive individuals and survivors of human trafficking to live safer and more authentic lives by removing the ten-year waiting period and the lifetime ban. The bill is led by trans advocates, the ACLU of Illinois, Chicago House and Social Service Agency, the Transformative Justice Law Project, and the Chicago Bar Foundation.

2021 advocacy day - HB 9 graphic

Birth certificate modernization HB 9
Permits self-attestation in order to correct the gender marker on a birth certificate (removing the requirement for a healthcare provider’s note).

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