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January 3, 2017

Dear President-elect Trump & Vice President-elect Pence,

In 17 days, you will be sworn into the two highest offices in our country.  On that day, Mr. Trump, you in particular will swear to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

We, the undersigned, are LGBTQ stakeholders and our allies in Illinois.  We write to ask that you take the oath to heart, for we will hold you accountable to that oath.  Just as we have done with previous Presidents and countless elected officials here in Illinois, we will hold you accountable to ensuring our country moves quickly toward the day when all LGBTQ people living within its borders are treated equally, justly, and affirmingly.

We will defend our rights that have been recognized by Congress, in the courts and by your predecessor – including the right to marry, the right to serve openly in the military, the right to be free from discrimination from employers who are federal contractors, and the right to use facilities in schools that correspond to our gender identity.

We will also work to ensure that in every aspect of LGBTQ people’s public lives – including in housing, schooling, employment, immigration status, in the criminal justice system, in our marriages – we are treated equally and justly, with our identities acknowledged and affirmed.

When you allow our march to full equality to be impeded, we will oppose your work.  When you work to defend and advance our rights, we will support your work.

You have an important task ahead, and we hope your Presidency is one that makes the future bright for all Americans.

Your fellow citizens,

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