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December 25, 2016



An Interfaith Response to the Tragedy in Orlando

June 28, 2016

Interfaith Response to the Tragedy in OrlandoAs we do every June, but most especially this year, it is important that the LGBT community and allies come together to celebrate LGBT Pride.

The past few weeks have been remarkable; marred by tragedy and brightened by immense displays of hope, love, and support. This has been a month of celebration and remembrance from within and surrounding the LGBT community.

A diverse group of faith communities has provided healing and open spaces for all affected by this tragedy and from this sprung an interfaith response to the tragedy in Orlando, which seeks to uplift their intentional actions of support.

The list of signatories is still evolving. If you are a clergy person or faith leader and would like to sign this letter of support, click here.



Season of Inclusion

December 2, 2015

Season of Inclusion coverThe end of the year holidays are fast approaching, which we hope brings happiness to you and your friends and family.

However, we know that some members of the LGBT community may have a hard time connecting to the season. Therefore, Equality Illinois compiled a booklet of faith messages geared at many of the themes of the holidays: inclusion, love, freedom, family, and much more.

We hope that this brochure demonstrates that there is a place for everyone in the LGBT community as we collectively celebrate the warmth of the holidays.



Illinois LGBT Protections and Religious Freedom

March 28, 2015

IndianaEquality Illinois denounces new laws in Indiana and under consideration in other states allowing the use of religious beliefs to discriminate and refuse service to LGBT people and other minorities, and rejects comparisons to the religious freedom law in Illinois.

In acting as if the new law is a benign effort at ensuring religious freedom, officials in Indiana, Arkansas and elsewhere have cited Illinois as one state that already has such laws. While a religious freedom law has been on the books in Illinois since 1998, that’s only half the story.

Both the Indiana and Illinois laws say there must be a compelling governmental interest to burden a person’s exercise of religion, but only Illinois provides that compelling governmental interest in the LGBT-inclusive Illinois Human Rights Act and an active Department of Human Rights to enforce it.