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Equality Illinois Calls for Hate and Terror to be Disarmed

June 17, 2016

Gun Letter

Equality Illinois joins forces to demand that Congress make a start towards stronger protections against gun violence nationwide.

“Any solutions to the problem of hate violence, including anti-LGBTQ violence, must address the alarmingly easy access that bigots have to such deadly weapons,” the letter, signed by more than 50 LGBTQ and gun anti-violence groups, says.



Only Pride Can Beat Back Fear

June 16, 2016

Equality Illinois CEO Brian C. Johnson writes in the Chicago Sun-Times that the Orlando “victims deserve that we act quickly to change the world in which they were murdered.”

Center on Halsted vigilJohnson said that three critical actions must be taken following the attack on the Pulse nightclub:

1. Demand that our leaders recognize that it was an attack on the LGBT community.

2. Come together to denounce all forms of hate, especially the current hate targeted at the Muslim American community

3. Be out and proud.