Hundreds of Illinoisans came together to map out Equality Illinois’ path forward through 2027. Together, we will make Illinois the most affirming and equitable state for LGBTQ+ people.

Illinois has always been at the forefront of LGBTQ+ equality

Illinois is the home of the nation’s first LGBTQ+ equality organization founded 100 years ago. Illinois was the first state in the country to decriminalize homosexuality. We have protected gay and trans people from discrimination in nearly all aspects of our public lives for almost twenty years and our legislature secured marriage equality by democratic vote nearly a decade ago.

Yet LGBTQ+ Illinoisans are not yet fully equal

In coffee shops, classrooms, and church basements LGBTQ+ people throughout the state share stories of our lived inequality.

They share stories of our challenges facing adequate and affirming health care.

40% of LGBTQ Americans report a debilitating health condition; that goes up to 53% for Trans Americans. (Williams Institute Report)

They share stories of experiencing the pain of economic instability.

26% of LGBTQ Illinoisans earn an annual income of less than $24K compared to 18% of non-LGBTQ Illinoisans (Williams Institute Report)

And most of all, they share stories of the harm they experience in the American legal system.

LGB people are 3x more likely to be incarcerated than the general population (Williams Institute Report).

As the LGBTQ+ civil rights organization in Illinois, we will work in partnership with our community to build a better future for queer Illinoisans

WE WILL ADVOCATE for pro-equality POLICIES with a particular focus on health care equity, economic justice, and legal system reform.

WE WILL WORK to place LGBTQ+ PEOPLE at every table where decisions are made about our community

WE WILL COLLABORATE to build the POWER of local LGBTQ+ community groups throughout the state.

WE WILL STRENGTHEN our COMMUNITY by striving to increase public and private funding of queer-led, queer-founded, and queer-serving organizations.

While we don’t know what the future will hold, we know that if we have policies that affirm us, if we are leaders at every level throughout the state, if we are powerful in all the communities we call home, and if our organizations have the resources we need to solve our toughest problems; there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

Together we will achieve full equality for LGBTQ+ Illinoisans

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